7 Festive recipes to capture the holiday spirit

If there’s one thing 2020 taught us it’s that we Kiwis love to bake! But even if you escaped the great lockdown baking frenzy, maybe now’s the perfect time to round out the year by getting fancy in the kitchen.

To complete our season 7 recipe stack, we even adapted an egg nog recipe so you can give this infamous medieval favourite a whirl. It’s delicious hot, or try it cold with a few ice cubes on a hot summer’s eve!

Plus, we’ve shared our tried and trusted seasonal recipes that make perfect gifts in a mason jar. After all, giving isn’t always about spending up a storm, a loving gesture can sometimes say so much more.

1. Festive Almond Egg Nog

The history of eggnog takes it back to medieval Europe to a drink made of hot milk, spices and wine, which was called “posset”, which was warm and medicinal. It was prominent in Shakespeare’s plays, most notably in Macbeth when Lady Macbeth drugged the guard’s posset, who were guarding King Duncan’s rooms, so her husband could enter the rooms without being noticed or attacked and murder the King. It later made its way across the Atlantic ocean where it was famously enjoyed by George Washington, whose own recipe included brand, whiskey, rum, and sherry and was renamed egg nog. While there are many ways to create and enjoy eggnog, here’s our variation of this popular US festive drink!

Grab the recipe here!

2. Spicy Mince Pie Brownies

These Spicy Mince Pie Brownies are wonderfully gooey with a delicious festive twist. Made with rich dark chocolate and fruit mince, they are perfect eaten as they are or warmed in the oven. The longer you leave them the better they get!

Grab the recipe here!

3. Easy Breezy Cinnamon Christmas Bread

Imagine waking up to the smell of baking and cinnamon on Christmas morning? Well… you can! Before you nip to bed on Christmas eve, take 5 minutes to whip together a few simple ingredients for this Easy Breezy Cinnamon Christmas Bread and pop it in the fridge until morning. Then, when you wake up, simply pop the bread in the oven and enjoy the delicious smell of baked bread! YUM!😋🎄🤶😍

Watch our recipe video here:

Grab the recipe here!

4. We Love Christmas Dough Much Cookies

These We Love Christmas Dough Much Cookies are easy to make and tasty to eat. They make the perfect festive gift with a super cute, fun decoration that anyone can do.

Grab the recipe here!

5. Nice Candy Cane Christmas Cookies

Candy canes come out once a year and our delicious Nice Candy Cane Christmas Cookies make an adorable gift or are perfect for the office shout. Plus, they’re full of nourishing ingredients and tasty morsels of chocolate and crunchie, minty candy canes. Mmmm.

Grab the recipe here!

6. Naughty Candy Cane Christmas Cookies

But if you want to go all in, our Naughty Candy Cane Christmas Cookies are the perfect tantalising treat. You won’t want to leave any of these out for Santa on Christmas eve… but if you do your presents are guaranteed to double in size!

Grab the recipe here!

7. Festive Holiday Season Dark Chocolate Truffles

Our homemade Festive Holiday Season Dark Chocolate Truffles are hard to beat on how easy they are to make and delicious they are to enjoy. Plus they’re super fun to personalise for easy festive gifts. Try our recipe and see how creative you can be!

Grab the recipe here!


From our love of Almond Breeze almond milk to yours…


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