4 Festive recipes to thrill the whanau this Christmas

If your house is full to bursting at Christmas it’s a great idea to have some fast, easy festive recipes up your sleeve so you’re ready for anything. And if it saves you a trip to the shops, we reckon swap out some of the ingredients for what you have at home and add creativity to Christmas menus.

You probably have Christmas lunch or dinner sorted, but what about Christmas brekkie and Boxing Day? And if you hit the beach on Boxing Day, how about a packing the chilly bin with a tasty lunch? Yes, we know… there’s a lot to think about. But to give you a helping hand this Christmas and clear one item off your To Do List, here are four fab festive recipes that are super adaptable and quick to make. We’re all about keeping it simple here at Almond Breeze so you can breeze your day everyday.



1. Easy Breezy Cinnamon Christmas Bread

Imagine waking up to the smell of baking and cinnamon on Christmas morning? Well… you can! Before you nip to bed on Christmas eve, take 5 minutes to whip together a few simple ingredients for this Easy Breezy Cinnamon Christmas Bread and pop it in the fridge until morning. Then, when you wake up and you’re sure Santa Claus has left the house, zip to the kitchen and turn the oven to 180 degrees C, saunter back to the bedroom to open your Christmas stocking, then when that’s done, you’ll be ready to pop your bread in the oven. Little over half and hour later – giving you time to shower and get the coffee made – and it’s ready for you to devour. All that’s needed is lashings of your favourite butter. YUM!😋🎄🤶😍

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2. Boxing Day Shepherd’s Pie

You may have stuffed yourself by grazing all day long on Christmas Day and cannot fathom how there even are leftovers… but there are! As impossible as it might seem, you even find that you’re actually hungry again! Enter the saviour to the Boxing Day feasting, our delicious Boxing Day Shepherd’s Pie. And while there are ingredients to follow, heck, be reckless and throw in what you want. Swap ham for turkey. Change out potato for kumara. And ditch the frozen vegetables for a medley of summer vegetables like broccoli, beans and peas and leftovers from the Chrissie dins (why not?). Basically, follow this recipe as a guideline and start your new family tradition favourite recipe, one that everyone comes to expect and love. Delish!


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3. Crustless Zucchini Quiche

While we’re in the flow of make-it-up-as-you-go-along recipes, here’s another (Christmas) cracker to make the most of those leftovers. It’s our Crustless Zucchini Quiche created by super star foodie Carine from Sweet As Honey. It makes the most of sweet summer corn with other summer delights capsicum and courgettes. Get creative and add some of that leftover ham and some cherry tomatoes. If you’re lucky enough to have fresh basil or oregano, chuck it in and bump up the flavour of this family treat. This crustless quiche is perfect to whip up for picnics and day trips and of course, ideal for post-Christmas brunch, lunch or dinner. Enjoy!


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4. Blueberry Pops

The sun’s out and blueberries are IN! We think that makes it the perfect time to whip up a batch or five of our heavenly Blueberry Pops. And in the spirit of living life on the edge, this recipe begs for some cute Christmas creativity. Change it up with delicious fresh summer cherries of berries for an extra seasonal twist. Use maple syrup instead of honey, or coconut yoghurt to replace Greek yoghurt and see just how versatile this frozen treat recipe is. Perfect for the the kiddies to make, or for you to whiz up for an afternoon fruit burst on the deck. You could even make little fruit pops using silicon ice trays and tooth picks for an easy snack for the kids. Go the extra mile and them in chocolate for the full festive feels!

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