6 Strawberrylicious recipes from around the globe

Strawberries are in season and they’re popping up all over the place like, well, strawberries! Whether you like them dipped in choccie sauce, smothered in cream, served with your fave brekkie cereal, in an antioxidant-packed smoothie, or as a decadent addition to divine kitchen creations, there’s no doubt these little heavenly red fruits carry a special charm.

We shared 5 fun facts about strawberries on our Instagram – did you know that the average strawberry has 200 seeds on it? We didn’t. Read them all here.


Plus strawberries are packed with health benefits, so they are a nourishing snack any time of the day. They contain decent levels of vitamin C, an ideal immunity antioxidant and ideal for skin, manganese to keep the body functioning well, folate (vitamin B9) to support healthy tissue growth and cell function, and potassium for heart health. Read more about healthy strawberries here.

Best of all, they’re all kinds of mmmmmmm!

Try our 6 Strawberry recipes to transform summer here!




1. Strawberry Popsicles

Summer simply isn’t summer without trying our hand at homemade popsicles, and when a popsicle recipe has just two ingredients you take notice, right? We reckon yes, which is why this strawberry popsicle recipe by @tastymediterraneo will be an early summer recipe staple for years to come. You’re welcome.

Grab the recipe here!

2. Easy Vegan Strawberry Muffins

Strawberry muffins are the perfect morning or afternoon snack and this strawberry recipe created by @mydarlingvegan is a crowd pleaser. Plus this recipe superstar has other fab recipes celebrating our favourite summer fruit including Strawberry Ice CreamStrawberry Shortcakes, and, her go-to breakfasts, Strawberry and Cream Overnight Oats. What’s not to love?

Grab the recipe here!

3. Strawberry Chiffon Cake

If you’re partial to the traditional strawberries and cream, then this Strawberry Chiffon Cake recipe EXTRAVAGANZA by Tessa from @sweetstyledaily is a little slice of paradise.

Grab the recipe here!

4. Strawberry Lemon Pound Cake

This stunning Strawberry Lemon Pound Cake recipe created by the fab @savitachefdehome packs a flavour punch with the tangy citrus zest of lemons paired with fresh ‘n’ fruity new season strawbs. Serve with lashings of your favourite yoghurt or cream. Summer on a plate!

Grab the recipe here!

5. Vegan Strawberry Shortcakes

We LOVE @the_little_almond and the delicious recipes JD Raymundo creates. But this heavenly Strawberry Shortcake recipe takes the (short)cake!

Grab the recipe here!

6. Strawberry Mousse Jelly with Coconut Chia Pudding

We had to end with this decadent but healthy treat, Strawberry Mousse Jelly with Coconut Chia Pudding created by @veganfoodhaven in New York.

Grab the recipe here!



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