People on the beach doing yoga.

Ready, set, recharge!

Taking time out to recharge is a great way to forward your health, wellness and career goals. It is also an important first step to leading a more balanced life… This weekend is the ideal time to reset your mind with some breezey and brilliant life hacks from the fantastic Ellie Lemons.

  • Own the morning – The type of morning you have sets the tone for your entire day. Setting your alarm just 10 minutes earlier means you’ll have extra time to stretch out in bed, open the windows and awaken your mind before you get on with the day.
  • Live in the moment – Few of us really know how to live in the moment, we are constantly rushing from one place to another, one job to the next. Being present in the moment can be as simple as taking two minutes to appreciate the scent of your soap in the shower or having five minutes alone to enjoy a cup of tea. These moments serve to remind us to slow down and are guaranteed to make your everyday a little bit breezier.
  • Take time to taste – If you’re always on the move and scoffing down toast on the train, stop. We find that preparing and eating a nourishing breakfast at home increases our positivity throughout the day. Enjoying your food on a regular basis may also encourage you to recognize quality nutrition and make you less likely to eat poorly on the run, keeping you aligned with your health goals!
  • Stay Physical – If you’re having trouble staying motivated with your exercise regime, it could be because you haven’t found one you truly love. When you find an exercise that speaks to your soul it’s much easier to stick to and turn into a habit! Getting the blood pumping for just 20 minutes a day has been shown to have great benefits for your mind and wellbeing so keep searching, the exercise for you is out there.