Makeover Your Friend Dates

rock climbing

Working out or heading to the gym may feel like the last thing you want to do, but adding a friend or two to in the mix will make it a lot more enticing and even a little bit fun! We’ve put in the hard yards for you and had a look for the best workouts that you can do with your BFF.

  • Rock climbing – Remember this classic from childhood? Turns out a lot of people do it as adults and it’s just as fun! There are indoor rock climbing centres all over the country with much more than just walls for you to climb. Grab a friend and you’ll be scaling ladders, walls and a variety of other obstacles in no time.
  • Cycling – This one is a classic for a reason. Feel the breeze on your face, laugh with friends and make some memories the old fashioned way. PS. Lycra is optional!
  • Hiking –Winter is a great time to get out there and discover Australia’s beautiful landscapes, as the air is crisp and clear and the views are spectacular. Get together with a fun group of friends and find the best hiking trails in your area.
  • Dance class – Whether you’re a natural or have two left feet, joining a dance class is worth a go… and even if you’re no JT, you’ll be laughing too hard to care (which is also a great ab workout).
  • Play a team sport – Netball, basketball, soccer, water polo, touch footy… the list is endless! There are options all year round and playing a team sport has the added benefit of meeting new people and giving you a compulsory weekly time to catch up with friends. Tie up your laces and pass the ball!


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