Healthy Friends

coastal walk

There are a lot of benefits to spending quality time with friends, family and significant others. Research shows that spending time with those you love means you’re less likely to get sick, you’ll sleep better, you’ll stay sharper throughout the day and you could even live longer!

Though, there is always the chance that exercising with friends could lead to catching up over a glass of wine (especially in these colder months).

Maintaining your healthier and lighter lifestyle habits around your friends can be a breeze if you follow these top tips:

  • Try to avoid always catching up over food or drinks. Instead, suggest a coastal walk (if there’s one nearby) or a local park will work just as well. The sunshine and fresh air will do wonders for your mind as well as your waistline and you won’t leave feeling guilty for “treating yourself”
  • Steer the conversation away from “diets” and “losing weight” – if your friends begin to throw shade at your healthier life choices, simply tell them you enjoy feeling lighter and more energised – they won’t be able to argue with that!
  • Have a bake-day and get your friends around to make healthy treats together! Once they taste how delicious healthy food is they won’t be giving you so much grief. We have some great recipes on the AB website ranging from brekkie to smoothies to baked goods 😉 (link)
  • Find local farmer’s markets and invite your bestie along. There’s nothing like seeing the beautiful fresh fruit and veg that’s in season to get you inspired to head home and whip up a delicious smoothie or salad
  • Write down your health goals and stick them somewhere so you will be continuously reminded of them. If you’re clear with what you want to achieve you will be more likely to continue with them

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