Kiwi Film Festival hot picks + snacks to enjoy while watching

While many people love getting out in winter, we’re chuffed that this year’s Whānau Mārama New Zealand International Film Festival is also showing online despite the many challenges along the way, giving us even more options to enjoy world class films with our preferred choice of viewing experience.

With our watering holes filling up thanks to an abundance of rain, and with the chilly weather outside, settling for a cosy night in being stimulated by beautifully crafted, poignant, funny and eloquent films made by the world’s best sounds like a heavenly way to spend 11 days smack bang in the middle of winter. Plus, it’s open for everyone nationwide. How good!

And while there is a plethora of international films on the agenda, our eyeballs are firmly locked on our own homegrown Kiwi talent which – as the world already knows from our directorial stars Jane Campion, Taika Waititi and Peter Jackson – is a heavy hitter on the world stage.

But before we share our Kiwi hot picks from the Whānau Mārama festival lineup, here are 5 delicious recipes to indulge in to ensure you have an all round sensory experience while watching great films.

1. Triple Threat Freakshakes!

When you try these freakshakes you’ll never look back!! There is not one, not two, but three amazing recipes to choose from… the delectable donut frenzy that is the Berry Delicious Freakshake, the little bit naughty, whole lot nice Mango Passion Delight Freakshake, and the chocolate lover’s dream, the Salted Caramel Brownie Freakshake!

Start your short film watching here with Leonie’s how to make video here:

2. Gluten-Free Gooey Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding

If you’re after something just as tasty but a touch more subdued, then Jay and Sarah NZ’s Gluten-Free Gooey Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding is after your heart. Watch this dynamic duo make this recipe at home, here.

3. Toasty warm, milky chai tea latte

The film festival might be able to transport you to India and you can too with our healthy and immunity boosting Milky Chai Tea Latté created by Leonie. See how easy it is to make here:

4. Hot Chocolate With Marshmallows

If you just can’t WAIT to get stuck into a movie, then we have the easiest recipe ever – simply heat up our Chocolate Almond Breeze Almond Milk, add marshmallows (or get creative and toast them over a flame) and voilà, dream hot choccie made. Yep, it really is that easy!

Amazing Kiwi films showing at Whānau Mārama!

1. Kiwi Shorts

This is a cutely curated bag of goodies portrays our wonderful and varied quirky Kiwi lifestyles, from the dorky, to lockdown, to triple scoop ice creams in six vibrant and delightful films. Details here.

2. Animation NOW! 2020

Animation buffs rejoice because this one is for you! This is a showcase of the beautiful, haunting, bittersweet and hilarious 16 films that will unlock a range of emotions in a guaranteed evening of wonder. Details here.

3. New Zealand Best 2020

Online and in select cinemas, this is the screening for this year’s New Zealand Best short film competition showcasing the 6 finalists chosen from 78 submissions. It includes Daddy’s Girl (Kōtiro), Safety Net, Daniel, Love Is Real!, Oranges & Lemons, and Pain. Details here.

4. The Girl On The Bridge 2020

This powerful and timely documentary explores the courageous journey of one girl’s journey back from the edge to becoming a voice of hope. Details here.

5. LOIMATA, The Sweetest Tears 2020

Another potent documentary that follows director Anna Marbook’s real life voyage from Aotearoa New Zealand to Sāmoa to reconcile the past woes with present day healing. Details here.

Discover all the Kiwi film events here, and everything else on offer at Whānau Mārama here.



From our love of Almond Breeze almond milk to yours…


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