woman in snow with woollen gloves and hat

It’s time to say sNOw thanks to your Winter Cold

It’s fair to say that winter is definitely upon us and the Breezey team might have shed a tear or two as we packed away our shorts and cozzies as we welcomed in the winter months. But, we must admit we’re loving our flannelette sheets, Barista Blend coffees, ugg boots and warm porridge . Though, it seems no matter how many layers we wrap ourselves in we still manage to get struck down by the dreaded cold. We’ve listed some natural ways you can help say adios to your cold so you can carry on breezing through life.

1. H20mazing

This is number one on our list as it’s the most important and possible the simplest! During winter your skin can dehydrate quicker as it’s working overtime adjusting from the warmth inside your office to the cold outside. This means drinking the recommended eight glasses of water is even more essential to keeping your skin on top form. By drinking enough water, your blood can circulate more freely, allowing your body to fight off infection.

2. Garlic Galore

Your breath may not thank us for this one, but garlic contains Allicin which converts itself to sulphur-containing compounds, giving garlic its power to help the immune system fight germs. The best way to take garlic for the flu is to eat raw – mince a few cloves and add to some hot water with lemon and honey!

3. Slow Cook Your Way to a Breezey Meal

When you’re feeling run down the last thing you want to do is think about what to make for dinner. But, hearty soups and stews are the best thing for your body to help in recovery. Investing in a slow cooker is an easy way to make a warming meal and fill your body with nutrients. Check out our recipes page for some breezey recipes on protein rich curries, soups and pies.

4. Ginger Ninja

Ginger is another spice to stock up on this winter. Ginger is a natural antiviral which helps to fight against illness and bacteria that cause the common cold. To help ward off any illness, chop up some ginger and add it to your cup of tea or make sure to add the spice to any soup, stir-fry or casserole. You could even add it to your bath to help ease muscle tension!

5. Take a shower

Who wouldn’t love this one? Take a hot and steamy shower to help clear your sinuses as well as relax your muscles. Then hop back into your snuggly pjs and pop back on the couch!