How one Kiwi mum is getting naked in the kitchen

In her mid-20s Tracey McLean suffered from bloating and digestive discomfort. Her energy rapidly slumped and despite doing everything she could, nothing shifted. At this time Tracey started researching gut health, and she isolated dairy as the probable cause of many of her health woes.

Not only was Tracey freed by her discovery, and switched from dairy milk to almond and other dairy-free milk alternatives, but it was the catalyst to launching her healthy smoothie business, Naked Nectar.

“Smoothies became my daily medicine, re-balancing my body and restoring my energy levels,” says the talented mumpreneur, who filled her kitchen and diet with “vegetables, nuts, seeds and superfoods”.

Roll on to pregnancy and breastfeeding baby Cohan, and Tracey began to understand her very specific shifting nutritional needs, which inspired her range of “situational smoothies” designed for a multitude of life ages and stages.

We caught up with the clever 33-year-old Waterview resident to find out more.

1. What’s your Naked Nectar elevator pitch?

People are increasingly becoming aware of the need for healthy living, but when life gets chaotic, the first thing to be compromised is a healthy diet. From juggling the job, mortgage, family, social life and gym regime there’s no time left to get crafty in the kitchen. At Naked Nectar we provide the solution, hand-delivering ready to blend smoothies right to your door. All you need is two minutes to blend with liquid, and you’ve got a delicious, nutritious smoothie. No one else will get you well on your way to your 5+ a day with nuts, superfoods, veges and fruit in an environmentally friendly pouch. 

2. We love the idea of “situational smoothies”, can you tell us more about that?

Thank you, I’m glad you love it! The idea came to me when I was pregnant and my appetite (as well as almost everything else) changed. This was my body letting me know that the foods I had been eating weren’t giving me the nutrients I needed, so I started researching. Then I realised it would be a great idea to taper smoothies that are focused on specific situations that we all experience, from feeling a bit under the weather through to needing a morning boost.


3. What have you discovered on your health journey that could help others?

Listen to your body! Everything starts from the gut, so if you have any inkling of an unhappy belly it’s time to make changes in your diet. The body is a hard working machine that needs to be fuelled and nurtured.

Rocky, the orphaned Orang-utan due to palm plantations

4. You’re passionate about sharing the story of palm oil, what more can you tell us about this?

In 2016 I was part of a project in Borneo helping with Orang-utan rehabilitation. I witnessed the rainforest deforestation for myself, all due to the need for land for new palm-oil plantations. After seeing the affect on the local tribes, losing their homes and access to the forest foods, as well as the many animals killed or injured, I vowed never to be a consumer of palm oil again. It is found in approximately half of consumer products, ranging from food to cosmetics to cleaning substances, and only the small minority of people have been exposed to the problems caused. Through making conscious decisions in our daily purchases and raising awareness among others, we can do our part in decreasing the demand for this destructive product.

5. What does breezing the day mean to you, and how has making the most of opportunities shaped your life?

Breezing the day for me means enjoying each day, finding happiness in the small things and being grateful. Making the most of opportunities is about believing in myself and creating success through perseverance. There have been plenty of set backs along the way but I’ve always been known as the “smoothie girl” and my passion is what drives me.


6. How important is your health and wellness to you, and what else do you do every day to keep balanced and happy?

Health and wellness is the foundation to the rest of our lives and is something that often doesn’t have enough importance placed on it. Pre-pregnancy and mum-life, I had a lot more free time to go to exercise and yoga classes which was great for my state of mind and life-balance. These days with less time and freedom, I enjoy a few moments to sit down with my delicious smoothie and know that I’m doing something for myself, not just being a mum.

What are your top THREE foolproof ways to live your best life that are a bit out of the box?

  1. Always express your love.
  2. Get into nature.
  3. Express your love in nature 😉 

8. What’s your no. 1 FAVOURITE Almond Breeze almond milk flavour and why?

Unsweetened Almond Breeze Almond Milk is my favourite as it has no refined sugar and tastes delicious with all Naked Nectar smoothies!


9. What is one wonderful thing that happened in your life in 2020?

Although it’s been a strange year for many people, there’s been a handful of really wonderful things that have happened in my life. At the top of my list is entering the third trimester of pregnancy with a healthy growing baby, after a complicated beginning.


10. We LOVE recipes here at Almond Breeze, do you have a favourite recipe (using Almond Breeze and Naked Nectar) that you can share with us?

I don’t have a favourite recipe as they’re all very tasty, but my most popular seller at the moment is Morning After. This is a tropical tasting combination of passionfruit, mango, banana, spinach, turmeric and almonds, blended with Unsweetened Almond Breeze almond milk.

Find Naked Nectar on Instagram at @nakednectarnz and Facebook at @nakednectarnz.


From our love of Almond Breeze almond milk to yours…


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