Get Splore sorted with our handy tips and packing lists here!

Kiwis are not shy of a spot of rain but because Splore this weekend may just deliver a sprinkle of showers, we here at Almond Breeze pulled together some of our must-have items to make sure you max out your weekend whether it’s rain or shine.

This year we’re so super stoked and EXCITED to be bringing Almond Breeze NZ to Splore 2019 as an official sponsor. It’s our first time at the festival and we can’t wait to soak up the vibe and meet all you Splorers!

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We’d love for you to visit in Wendy’s Wellness Zone, (pictured in the map above), which is just above the Goat Track. It’s the perfect stop on the way down to the beach, or for a recharge after making the trek up!

Join us for mindful morning yoga with a fab Almond Breeze yoga mat supplied, and relax and recharge after with our Almondlicious treats! You’ll be able to kick back on our comfy deck chairs, or challenge the kids or your mates with giant Connect Four.

Of course we’ll keep you refreshed with our yummy, nutrient rich green smoothies, iced chocolates and dairy-free barista style coffees.

PLUS… we’re giving away daily prizes such as on-site brunch, a Nespresso machine, a polaroid camera and heaps more, so there are loads of chances to WIN when you visit us!

Our HOT TIPS for having a Sploresome time!

We spoke to one of our Almond Breeze gals who has been to every Splore since 1998 and here are her top tips (and some of ours) so you let nothing get in the way your most perfect Sploresome experience!


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1. Be sustainable!

Preserving the beautiful, natural environment of Tapapakanga Regional Park is part of Splore’s Values that everyone agrees to when they buy their tickets. So DON’T bring any glass packaging such as salsa jars, kombucha bottles and other glass bottles and jars.

AVOID glitter that’s not bio glitter but DO BRING copious amounts of bio glitter to share! BODYFX in Auckland even has a click and collect option here for compostable dissolvable degradable BioGlitter so you can collect it at Splore. Plus they have an onsite store to buy while you’re there. Amazing!

Splore is working towards achieving Zero Waste, so Splorers are asked to sort recycling from rubbish daily and put it in the marked receptacles. If you see rubbish on the ground, pick it up and pop it in the right bin. And if you want to be a superhero, take all your rubbish home with you!

If you have been to Splore before, bring your previous year’s Globelet. Or purchase a new one at any bar and swap it out for a clean one every drink. If you don’t want to take your Globelet home, hand it in before you leave for a $1 refund.

If you carpool and travel with three or more people in each car then your group will get a partial refund from the $75 parking fee. If you want to fill your car or get in a car, jump into the Carpool Facebook group here and meet your new travel buddies. Or if you live in Auckland and love to travel light, take a Splore Bus from Auckland here.

And remember, that Splore is all about saving time too, so it’s a cashless event. Head to the Splore “banks” when you settle in and get your AWOP wristband topped up.

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2. Prepare for all weather, and camping like a boss

Splore has its own special micro-climate in the Firth of Thames and Splorers have to be prepared for everything! So here’s your checklist:

Because being sunburnt, cold or wet is not part of the weekend TO DO list!

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There are a bunch of other things that may make your camping stay even betterer, and here are just a few things we’re taking and reckon you may want too:

When you go down the Goat Track at night with your head torch, you’ll be thanking us later!!!




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3. A couple of things you may have missed…

Splore loves to change it up each year and this year there are a few cheeky extras that you may not have seen previous years that just might make your stay even more amazing!!

Whatever you do at Splore this year (apart from visit us!), have a whole heap of FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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From our love of Almond Breeze almond milk to yours…


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