Winter soup

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Believe it or not, soup has a legacy dating back a whopping 20,000 years, with evidence of everything from clay vessels to watertight baskets made of reeds or bark and even animal hides used to contain and cook soup over hot rocks. Ingredients included anything that could be caught, captured or gathered, from animal bones, acorns, other nuts and seeds, and of course plants and vegetables.

16th century soup vendors

The word “soup” has its origins in the French word “soupe” to mean broth, and the German word “sop” meaning a piece of bread used to soak up soup or a thick stew, which themselves likely come from the colloquial Latin word “suppa” meaning bread soaked in broth”.

In fact, in the 16th century in France, soup was offered as a restorative warming broth made and sold by street vendors – known by the French word “restaurant” – to aid in recovery from physical exhaustion.

In Aotearoa, native, leafy green puha (pictured above) was a stable green of the Māori, and remains just as popular today in pork and puha soup, also known as a ‘boil up’. And who could forget this hilarious Covid-19 lockdown quote that travelled the globe reminding us of how our mums nurture us with soup when the chips are down or we feel unwell:

Bottom line, is soups have always had a presence in cuisine, whether it was through lack of food, a need for a warming healthy broth or later, as culinary fare offered in specialist Parisian restaurants.

Whatever its origins and place in history, as we ease into winter, there is nothing quite so delightful and enticing as the smell a delicious soup brewing in the kitchen.

To save you time searching, we’ve created our 5-day downloadable soup shopping list so you know what ingredients to keep stocked and you’re ready any time to whip up this tasty, popular and health-giving dish – one that makes a perfect lunch the next day, or thrown into a thermos for a gentle winter walk in the bush.

Click right on the image, save onto your desktop, phone or tablet, or print an pop on the fridge or in your handbag, and you’re soup ready every day.

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Downloadable soup recipe chart


1. Chunky Vegetable Soup

We love a thick, chunky soup and this seasonal autumn and winter soup is hearty, full of flavour and dairy free. Watch our recipe video here.

2. Healing Turmeric Cauliflower Soup

Anti-inflammatory turmeric and potent prebiotic cauliflower are the hero ingredients of this tasty, easy winter warmer soup. Discover your new winter fave recipe here.


3. Delicious Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Soup

This Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Soup recipe packs a flavour punch and is perfect for a weekend lunch or an easy dinner. Perfect served with crusty hot bread fresh from the oven and croutons. Indulge in this fun, tasty recipe here.


4. Celeriac White Bean Soup

This recipe is packed full of hearty protein and delivers a flavour punch. Swap out chicken stock for vegetable stock for a vegan soup that delights. Create this delicious recipe here.


5. Pumpkin Carrot Soup

Nothing says winter like carrots and pumpkins and this golden soup is a favourite for all ages. Get the recipe for this heart warming soup here.




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