Why connection matters PLUS 2 heavenly recipes to bring the gang together!

It’s no secret that our friends and family bring immeasurable joy into our lives. Often, though, we let distractions and busy schedules get in the way of our most meaningful connections.

As winter weather starts sending many of us into hibernation mode, remember it’s important to make time to connect with the people who are important to you. Here are some simple ways to keep your relationships front and centre.  

At Almond Breeze, we love that food brings people together, which is why we’re passionate about sharing our favourite recipes. Below we share one of our favourite one-pot comfort food recipes to feed everyone created by Leonie from The Style Insider.

Chill with Sunday Brunch

One of the best ways to stay connected is to set aside a weekly time in your calendar to hang with your friends and family. Sunday mornings are a great option because most people have the day off. Plus, having a reason to get out of bed at a reasonable hour will make the weekends feel more purposeful.

The key to this plan is consistency. As humans, we often think of the time we spend with our closest friends as frivolous. We squeeze it in, only after we’ve completed our “more practical” pursuits like our work, errands and chores.

But, research shows that the time we spend relaxing with our closest friends is actually paramount to our happiness and wellbeing. Challenge your group of loved ones to make this weekly gathering a priority. Maybe even shut off all your phones while you’re there and just enjoy one another’s company.

Long Distance, No Problem!

Video chatting has completely revolutionised the way human relationships endure physical separation. Sure, nothing beats spending time together face-to-face but being able to SEE our friends when they’re halfway across the globe is incredible!

In the “busy-ness” of life, it’s often easy to forget that we have this technology at the tip of our fingers. Somehow weeks or months go by without us speaking with our close friends or siblings. Make notes in your calendar or use Post-Its on your bathroom mirror to check in with your long distance friends. You’ll be grateful that you don’t have to catch up on six or more months of life the next time you see one another.


The Best Slow Cooker Vege Quinoa Curry Plus Slow Cooker Rice Pudding With Salted Caramel Sauce – CLICK HERE for the recipe!

Cook Together

Spending time with friends is as nourishing as a good meal – so why not have both? Cooking a meal with your loved ones can be a really fun experience with oh-so-delicious results.

This slow cooker Vege Quinoa Curry recipe is perfect for a group night in. Prep time is only 20 minutes, leaving plenty of time to play your favourite board game while it simmers. Or you can make it yourself and treat your friends to a cosy, home-made meal. Because they definitely deserve it.  

Finish it off with Leonie’s easy peasy and tastilicious Slow Cooker Rice Pudding With Salted Caramel Sauce (hot tip: you make want to make a few to enjoy after your guests leaves… it’s that good!).

Don’t Laze Alone

We’ve all been there. 16 episodes deep into our favourite new show. Blankets piled up to our chin and eight seasons to go. We haven’t seen the sun in days or spoken to anyone but the pizza delivery driver. Yikes.

Everybody loves a good binge-watch now and then, but the experience can start to feel really unhealthy, really fast. Adding another person to the couch helps create a positive atmosphere in front of the TV.

For one thing – finding someone who loves a TV series as much as you can be an incredible bonding experience. Plus, having other people around you as you watch will remind you that there is life outside of your screen. If you’re binging as a group, make it a rule to get outside between every episode for at least five minutes, just to clear your heads.

Heat some of our heavenly Almond Breeze Chocolate almond milk topped with a couple of marshmallows and a sprinkling of shaved chocolate or cocoa powder for a beverage worthy of you binge watch.


Find an Adventure

Research shows that fresh experiences are vital to our happiness in life. Luckily, New Zealand is the perfect place to try something new. We have endless adventures waiting for us in every corner of our island home.

Make a pact with your friends to embrace fun and adventure whenever the opportunity arises. Go on a road trip. See your favourite artist in concert. Strike up a conversation with a stranger (you never know, they could be your next best friend). These will turn into memories that make your relationships thrive in ways you never imagined.

No matter what you and your loved ones decide to do together, it is sure to be time well spent. So resist the urge to hibernate and go give your sister a call!

From our love of Almond Breeze almond milk to yours…


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