Family around Christmas table

6 Steps To Achieving Balance This Silly Season

The Christmas break is typically the time of year where diets are thrown to the wind and everyone starts indulging a little too much. To help ensure you enjoy yourselves without going too crazy Almond Breeze has given you a few tips on how to balance your indulgences during the holiday season.


1. Never arrive hungry

Arriving at a party hungry could be the worst thing for your health goals. Instead, aim to have a healthy snack before leaving home to curb those hunger pangs. Celery or carrot sticks with peanut butter, Greek yoghurt or even a piece of fruit thirty minutes before arriving will ensure you are better equipped to make healthier choices throughout the party.



2. Divert your attention

These days the excitement around attending a party tends to be all about the food, but try focussing on entertaining your friends and catching up on their lives instead of what’s for lunch. You can also try a good stint on the dancefloor to burn off some extra calories if you’re feeling brave.



3. Outsmart the buffet

Eat low to high when it comes to calories. Start with a broth-based soup or salad and aim to have at least half your plate made up of greens and veggies. Then move on to protein so by the time you reach that fruitcake and custard you’ll be satisfied with only a few mouthfuls.



4. Stay hydrated

Drinking water while you eat will mean you fill up faster, helping you to avoid over eating. It will also slow down your alcohol consumption and help you avoid a nasty champagne hangover the following day, meaning you can get up early for your morning run.



5. Swap traditional desserts for lighter alternatives

If you’re hosting the party try using a classic recipe with a lighter twist such as our Choc-Raspberry Cheesecake. Alternatively, if you’re not at home, aim to eat fruit for dessert or share your Christmas pudding with a friend.



6. Aim to exercise each morning

This doesn’t have to be rigorous exercise, it can be as simple as a morning walk with a friend. Participating in something active each day will help balance your additional caloric intake as well as clear your head during the busy season.



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AB x